Eastern Province Biathlon

Eastern Province Biathlon

Joining Eastern Province Biathlon


For the 2019/2020 season.

3rd and 4th Athlete per family

For the 2019/2020 season.

Masters athletes


Times of registration at the day of event:

07:30 - 08:00

Running Events starts promptly at:


Swimming will start as soon as the last running event has been completed. An Entrance fee will be charged at the pool, at each event, for entrants not competing or officiating (spectators).

Pre-event Registration is encouraged. This can be done by completing the entry form on the website or completing the form in full and e-mail it together with proof of payment to the Secretary at secretary@epbiathlon.co.za . PRE-EVENT REGISTRATION MUST BE DONE BY NOT LATER THAN THE LAST TUESDAY PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

Registration form can be downloaded here - Download Registration Form

To register online with EP Biathlon please go to the following link : Online Registration Form