Eastern Province Biathlon

Eastern Province Biathlon

School League Eastern Province Biathlon

School League - Lorraine PS

Detail listing of the results for athletes forming part of Lorraine PS
Ranking First Name Surname SA Number Sex Age Group Total Points
1JuaneDeysel5998FUNDER 11 GIRLS4120.200000000001
2AneMinnaar1236FUNDER 11 GIRLS4113.09
3LienkeEls1279FUNDER 11 GIRLS4091.02
4ArnoNortjie7280MUNDER 9 BOYS4078.1099999999997
5AnriDe Beer1131FUNDER 13 GIRLS4006.55
6TenealEls1278FUNDER 13 GIRLS3822.95
7KylieKlaasen9537FUNDER 13 GIRLS3342.55
8DanielNash 7347MUNDER 13 BOYS3198.7
9EbenLubbe4911MUNDER 8 BOYS2146.65
10KiaraCroft9573FUNDER 13 GIRLS2146.3
11SoneLubbe6279FUNDER 11 GIRLS1408.9
12KarliDe Beer8022FUNDER 11 GIRLS1376.99
13Thomas PearlVorster36MUNDER 11 BOYS1068.95