Eastern Province Biathlon

Eastern Province Biathlon

School League Eastern Province Biathlon

School League

EP Biathlon has set up a School League, which will encourage some healthy competition amongst the Eastern Cape schools. It is based on a points system whereby schools will earn points for both participation and achievement in the various age groups. Below are the current positions of the various schools for the season thus far.
Ranking School Name Males Females Total Athletes Total Points
1Sunridge PS16193563935.46
2Marlow HS3403455968.75
3Lorraine PS8152338920.96
4Club Oos Kaap1742136067.36
5Framesby HS1171834394.35
6Pearson HS591428097.15
7Cradock HS641013726.90
8Union HS54912831.30
9Charlo PS45917928.21
10Home School62812774.90
11Clarendon Park PS70714200.15
12Khulile PS6066579.15
13Grey Junior PS60613095.95
14Collegiate Girls PS06612984.53
15Summerwood PS3259985.45
16Curro Westbrook4045420.60
17Volkskool PS1236064.73
18Herbert Hurd PS2136131.87
19Grey HS3036582.80
20DSG Junior PS0223937.55
21Morningside HS2023943.45
22St Georges PS2022180.71
23Cingani HS2023373.40
24St Andrews PS2024029.49
25Scorpion Aquatic Club 2021846.15
26Theodor Herzl PS2024241.26
27Brandwag HS0221087.85
28Woodridge PS2024214.85
29Motherwell High School101791.20
30Victory PS1011938.50
31Union Primary School1011974.77
32Linkside Pre-Primary1011063.10
33Collegiate Girls HS0112011.30

School League results 2018-2019